Stock OnePlus 2 Image Leaks, Indeed Hints At 5.5-Inch Display

Purported image of what so called to be the OnePlus 2 has surfaced online along with some key features, detailing about the device’s display and screen size. Although the photograph you are seeing below features a sketch-effect filter and is a part different from the one we spotted in the company’s imaginary campaign.

On 27th of July, OnePlus 2 smartphone launching as the successor to OnePlus One flagship and will head over for the wrapp off at Virual Reality event. Already appeared and confirmed officially, the OnePlus 2 is powered by Snapdragon 820 v2.1 SoC and arriving with a USB Type-C connectivity port and cable onboard, out of the box with price.

OnePlus 2 on the other hand alleged to feature a metal framing with black matte finish and now that the display is rumored to be between 5.5″ to 5.7-inch boasting its screen sporting a 1080p resolution. Packing a 3GB of RAM memory, the OnePlus 2 will be offered in 16GB and 64GB limited edition storage options.

Talking about the leaked image of OnePlus 2 display, treated with a filter so it can not be clarified perfectly as it gonna be legitimate anymore. Till we can full confirmation and clarity we can’t count this image as part of the speculation being purported around. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Weibo

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