Surface Pro 5: What We Know About Rumored Specs, Price, Release Date And More [Report]

As Microsoft seeks to extend its momentum as an innovator in the tablet space, and planning to host a new hardware event at a unspecified time this spring according to ZDNet report, which would see the launch of Surface Pro 5? With the implication being that next-generation Surface Book and Surface Pro devices on the horizon will be announced at the keynote. Here are the details you don’t want to miss any more.

Rumors of a new Surface Pro 5 outed, the replacement and successor to the well received Surface Pro 4, previously teased in a tweet from industry insider Paul Thurrot.

Surface Pro 5

Details of what the expected Surface Pro 5 will bring to the table, speculations are up in the air somewhat. One thing in a majority of leaks likely however is that the device will keep Microsoft’s own Surface Connect power connector, similar to the MagSafe connector Apple recently discontinued with its portable Mac lineup.

In fact, the Surface Pro fans will have revolves around the USB-C port that may or may not be part of this release, though. Many had hoped that Microsoft would finally ditch its magnetic charging solution in favor of using the company’s standard USB-C connecting plug that is all the rage now. However, it is likely possible that both types of connector will be part of the big unveil this spring.

Overall, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to be a relatively small update to the Pro 4 with the addition of Intel’s latest seventh-gen Kaby Lake processors expected to beat at the heart of the new hardware.

The new Surface Pro 5, when compared to the goods with the Surface Pro 4 2015 could plausibly replace with things. Equipped with robust processing power, a perfectly sized display and just-right aspect ratio (16:9?) and a few critical add-on accessories. The Surface line has become something of a category trailblazer. Apple’s iPad Pro and Google’s Pixel C have lately borrowed envelope-pushing features like the Surface’s snap-on keyboard and multitasking chops.

In October 2016, Microsoft extended its innovation tear, it updated its first-ever laptop, the competent Surface Book, with a higher-end edition, the Surface Book i7, which utterly delivers increased power and battery life. And, forgot to tell, also unveiled the $2,999 Surface Studio – a desktop PC for artists and designers in need of high-end horsepower and display. There’s an $100 Surface Dial accessory, a touch-friendly dial designed to sit beside your keyboard for fine contextual controls in whatever program you’re using.

All of these Innovations are simply stoking the fires of the Internet rumor mill, generating speculations on what novelties Microsoft will debut with the next Surface Pro. No official details has surfaced this far, but we’ll use this space to collect the news, predictions, and rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as they emerge.

Though some rumors point to an “early 2017” release, we don’t actually expect to see the Surface Pro 5 until spring 2017, at the soonest. Internals on the Surface Pro 5 would likely to come equipped with the “Kaby Lake ” Core i7. It’s always fun to consider Microsoft changing its position on the Surface Pro’s keyboard cover, though. Traditionally sold separately (for $129, £109 or AU$199), the keyboard cover has always been playing an integral component of the Surface experience.

iPad Pro Pencil Vs. Surface Pro 4 Stylus

As always the case with these things we will only truly know what is in the pizza hut when Microsoft tells us, and if the rumors are accurate and anything that speaks is to be believed that we can look forward to an event this coming Spring. Whatever is announced though, we are sure that some people will be pleased with what Microsoft has bestowed upon them. Stay tuned for more?

(source: ZDNet)

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