Target: Google Intends To Launch Android One Phone At Sub-Rs 3000 Price Mark

Regarding Android One smartphones, Google has its plans to revamp the platform in India. As Android One phones didn’t make any difference in the market, so the search giant decided to resurface with a sub-Rs 3000 Android One device as a part of Google’s massive investment push into India’s internet market.

Reportedly, Google panning to reboot its Android One project in India, as it has already debuted the initiative in the country last September with a sub-Rs 6500 handsets, will soon resurface with a sub-Rs 3000 Android handset. And it did, stated officially that it is getting ready to launch a sub-RS 3000 smartphone.

Google targets to achieve this price point “over the next few years.” In an interview with The Financial Times, Rajan Anandan, Google Managing Director, India and Southeast Asia, reassured that the company is very committed to the project and intends to launch even more affordable handsets. Target it aims at pushing ASndroid penetration to an even lower price point to achieve the next-generation smartphone customers onboard.

For this to acieve, Google aims to hit the sweet mark of $50 (Rs 3000) smartphones that will still offer a unique Android experience, offering explict guidelines to all of its manufacturing partners. Since the debut in India, Google has expanded the Android One project to several other regions including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, the company haven’t reached its target.


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