Tencent Introduces New Operating System For Phones And Wearable Devices

Tencent is one of those Chinese Interne service portal offering value-added data, mobile, telecom, and online advertising services, has today unveiled an operating system for smartwatches, TVs and other Internet-connected devices. The China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd with the launch of a new OS for smart devices, wearables and other inter-connected gadgets, aims to compete with the likes of Alibaba and Xiaomi in China. More details on the new TencentOS can be cached right after this fold.

The Tencent Operating System and TOS+ is available to be licensed without cost, like Google’s open-source mobile OS – Android. It leverages Tencent’s hugely population social services, includes QQ and mobile messaging app – WeChat. Tencent launched a platform for smartphones back in January, and when talking about the new comer, which is a a software focused purely on wearables and other Internet-connected devices, such as as oft-mentioned – smartwatches, VR headsets and smart-TV sets.

Tencent in China will be taking on the Alibaba’s newly launched Yun OS which has been adopted by smartphones maker Meizu. TencentOS offers voice recognition and mobile payment aesthetics, will rival other home-grown operating systems looking to dominate the smart hardware zone with connected wearables, Tvs etc.

Xiaomi on the other has a ‘platform’ of hardware companies those devices are sold within its Mi.com online store, and optimized for its smartphones. Samsung is still trying to sell developers on Tizen, but the OS has yet to become a viable competitor to Android.

What do you think about the Tencent’s new smart TencentOS for Internet-connected devices in China?

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