Tesla Launches an Online Marketplace to Sell Used Model S – Second Thought!

It makes so easy to for those who are looking to buy a pre-owned Tesla Model S directly from the company’s new online marketplace. It could be the best opportunity for those who really can’t afford to buy a brand new car. With Tesla Motor’s new online marketplace for used cars, now you get go be able to.

Notably, the company quietly launched the Tesla Motors Certified Pre-Onwed program last week, listing a slew of previously-owned Model S’s for sale, and was be able in search for pre-owned Tesla vehicles in nine American cities and two states: Atlanta, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, Seattle, Washington DC, Florida and Hawaii.

It appears that there’s a 2014 Model S P85 with 4,166 miles clocked in for $86,000. In comparison, the latest P85 model with all-new wheel drive starts at around $105,000. Glance!


If you are actually looking to own a Tesla vehicle then the price oft-mentioned is a reasonable one, but still not a cheap investment though. But at least now you can save several thousands of dollars off the super fancy toy.

Or you can choose your favorite, all that as a pre-owned (second hand) Tesla model S cars. Just visit the official link here and buy, bagain it.

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