The LG G Pro 3 Ditched To Focus On Upcoming LG G4 Expansion [Reports]

Back in 2013 and 2014, LG releases some of the representatives of it’s G Pro line up of phablet devices – the LG Optimus G Pro and the LG G Pro 2, and it was expected to show off its third flagship phablet sometime in early 2015, suggested by the name with LG G Pro 3, but there might be no Pro 3, but reportedly axed as LG focuses on G4.

About the LG G Pro 2 successor, now under new leadership may steer away from the G Pro series and perfectly focus on the flagship LG G4. It looks like the South Korean manufacturer might have withdrawn its phablet family and shifted its priority on its flagship for 2015, which will surely be called the LG G4 smartphone.

With 5.5-inch LG G3 is almost as big as the 5.9″ LG G Pro 2 and is on the fetch of being called a “phablet”, rumors of such kind apparently have a lot of ground to set feet on. However, the rumor mill doesn’t claim that LG won’t release yet another larger-screen device in the early 2015. But something it could change is the codename of the device with phablet-sized screen.

The LG G4 could turn to an even bigger screen size as the G3 brought a big increase over the 5.2″ G2. While the LG G Pro series couldn’t manage to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note line but proved a cold seller for LG. Rumors also suggested LG was going to use its own Octa-Core NUCLUN chipset for the alleged G Pro 3 and now the SoC fate could be uncertain too.

My thoughts about the LG G Pro 2 was a worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – and we’ll really egret it if LG gave up on this rivarly this early. Stay tuned to learn more about what actually LG is thinking about to stay in the big-screen phone competition in 2015.

Do you think that LG killed G Pro Series to only focus on LG G4 Development?

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