The Snapdragon 810-Powered OnePlus Two Could Be Priced At $400 [China 2499 Yuan]

From the last few years the Chinese smartphone makers have completely entered into the market, filled with new entry-to-high end devices in all the countries, such as India in particular. With ZTE Nubia, Vivo and Xiaomi proving that they can make top-end smartphones at an affordable price range. Huawei on the other hand is also iterating its latest ones in budget or hefty ranges. Apart this, the most catching news here is about the OnePlus One successor, which has already made its hype in the market with the launch of its first generation Android based Cyanogen powered smartphone, and this time planning to release yet another one without Cyanogen OS 12. Called OnePlus 2 (Two), and the CEO Liu Zuohu asked his fans the reasonable price for a Snapdragon 810 powered OnePlus Two handset, which is most likely to go around $400 price mark. More details on the OnePlus Two price and specifications can be grabbed right after this fold.

If asked how much you would give the answer – the price for a Snapdragon 810-powered OnePlus Two? It’s said, 2499 Yuan could be a reasonable price, as posted by the OnePlus CEO on his Chinese Twitter account “Weibo” page. Almost $400 USD and expected that to be the official cost when it is launched.

So, it looks like the upcoming OnePlus Two smartphone could be priced around 2499 Yuan., and the company which was always been popular for its value for money and despite suggested that the upcoming flagship smartphone mat turn to be a bit costlier, it looks like ther company will try to keep the price affordable.

Specifications for the OnePlus Two alleged as powered  by a Snapdragon 810 processor paired with a 4GB RAM, feature a 5.5-inch QHD 2K display, 16-megapixel primary snapper, 5-megapixel secondary snapper, and run on Oxygen OS – Android 5.0.x Lollipop out of the box. And also claimed to get with it a fingerprint sensor, and all the above mentioned specs are not yet confirmed by the company, officially.


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