iPhone 7: Next Device By Apple May Feature Thinner, Waterproof Body With No Earphone Jack And Wireless Charging

News surfaced regarding Apple’s next iPhone model as it said to be called as the iPhone 7, which might incorporate wireless charging and a thinner waterproof body and don’t remind about its headphone jack, as it has been confirmed that it will not have a 3.5mm earphone socket anymore. Yes, these are reports according to Fast Company, which is one of those several sites belongs to the Asian supply chain, speculates and in line with several past rumors.

Citing a source, it says the iPhone 7 headphone jack is no more required in an effort to make the device even thinner than iPhone 6s. Said that the device will also seems to be a waterproof hardware and support some form of wireless charging altogether.

Apple on the other hand also said to be working with Cirrus Logic to adapt the audio chipset in the upcoming iPhone to work with the Lightning port. With no 3.5mm headphone jack, what used for charging is the Lightning port, will also be used to transmit audio to wired earphones. The chipset may also include new technology, such as noise-canceling to remove background sound during music playback and phone calls.

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According to the source, the Cupertino-based company may not be shipping Lightning-connected EarPods alongside the iPhone 7. Instead opting to sell noise-canceling Lightning-connected headphones seperately under its Beats brand. To grab all the blood from a human body in the form huge money, like it did with the launch of iPad Pro, and seperately offered Apple Pencil and other accessories. Stop it, Apple!

Currently, it is not clear yet whether the iPhone 7 will come with no EarPods or shipping standard EarPods with some sort of adapter. With the confirmation of the source clearly sounds the removal of the headphone jack, and speculations already there about potential inclusion of wireless charging technology and waterproofing.

Said that Apple is right now working on these technologies, but Fast Company warns that the features of iPhone 7 could be pulled ahead of when the iOS smartphone goes into production.

About iPhone 7 wireless charging capabilities, is a feature that has long been rumored for potential inclusion in the iPhone and it’s such technlogy that Apple has been exploring for quite some time now, many years. Based on patents and earlier iPhone and Apple Watch rumors.

Given that the waterproof iPhone 7 body made from a new non-aluminum composite material, which was rumored for the first time a few months ago. Furthermore, it have suggested that the new material will also allow Apple to ditch prominent antenna bands that were included on the iPhone 6s. The removal of headphone jack was first reported, but Apple kept in safe for the elimination of the jack for several months. In 2014, the company has introduced a new MFI program to allow third-party manufacturers to develop earphones that connect to iOS device over Lightning, paving the way for Lightning-equipped headphones like the Philips Fidelio M2L.


Anything can happen as the future iPhone is in the hands of Apple and is the company that never disclose anything and expected to release not one but two new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September of 2016 date. If this is the case, then the device will also be coming with aforementioned specs and also includes an upgraded A-series chip and could include features like an improved camera, 256GB storage option, a 3100mAh battery and a whole 3GB of RAM.

What next? Hope!

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