Third-Gen Motorola Moto X 2015 Codenamed Calisto; Leaked

Test models of the Motorola Moto X (3rd Gen) imported into India as the Calisto, or called the Moto X (2015) – possibly got leaked, and now in the news again. This is the second appearance that made by this year’s upcoming Moto X, and unlike last time, todya we have no screenshots allegedly showing some of its specs and the Android Lollipop (could be Android M) version it’s running. Only we get is an import listing from Zauba, the Indian database specializing in such information. More details on Motorola Calisto can be grabbed right after this fold.


First of all we have already known about Motorola is reportedly working on a few new generations of Moto X and Moto G 2015 models and now Motorola recently has imported a mysterious handset in India for testing purposes. Codenamed Calisto, as listed in Zauba the import/export tracker database. No other details are provided, not even a screen size either, but nevertheless we do see that the samples that were imported into India each carry a price tag of INR 29,775 (about 500 US$ ($464 or €418) as per current exchange rates). Not for sale, hence it might be the Moto X as its priced on a higher margin, and might be the very first samples of the same.

We assume that this is actually the next new Moto X and the one that will be announced this summer and hits the store shelves pretty soon. Flipkart accidentally revealed the 3rd-Generation Moto X on its e-commerce website and far beyond the specifications leaked out already. Suggesting that the next Moto X to get a camera with OIS, 4K Video support and many more.

If this becomes accurate, then, we now know that the next Moto X is codenamed Calisto. Release date time frame is no far away and as we get closer to its official unveiling, expect to see more and more information ticking out pretty soon.

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