This 15-Inch Xiaomi Laptop With Intel SoC Leaked Into Wild [Photos]

Xiaomi is not only a smartphone and tablet maker but also working on its own laptop to introduce it into the PC market. The Chinese Apple company is reportedly working on its own 15″ laptop which is exclusively designed to directly compete with Apple‘s MacBook Air, but uses Intel chipset.


Specs of Xiaomi’s 15-inch Laptop leaked already and according to that, the machine is powered by an Intel Haswell i7-4500U processor. Allotted with 16GB of DDR3 RAM and talking about the 15-inch display, which will comes with a Full HD resolution screen. Design and branding on the Xiaomi Laptop comes with orange ‘Mi’ logo below the display, whereas the rear also shows up a silver ‘Mi’ logo as well.

The latest yet-to-be-announced Xiaomi Laptop also features a special orange colored functionality button that can eventually take custom functions from the user apparently. Xiaomi might not be using Windows OS on its laptop, but it may go with its own custom operating system – purely based on Linux (Ubuntu).

The price for the 15″ Xiaomi Laptop will retail at 2999 Yuan which translates to around $481. Xiaomi is however become the third largest smartphone vendor in the world and already have a huge demand for its devices in India. One million smartphones were sold only in Indian market via Flipkart since its entry in July this year.

What do you think about the upcoming Xiaomi’s 15″ Laptop?


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