This iPhone 7 Concept Flaunts iMac Inspired Design, Ultra-Thin Bezels

Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to be released next year after the typical “S” refresh hits store shelves this fall. As the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus gear up to take center stage by September this year and that too with an upgraded design, the 6s models could outsell the 2014’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Next year in 2016, however we can almost expect a new iOS smartphone “iPhone 7” continuing its success this year with new iPhones in S range. The iPhone 7 is expected to be much different than typical’s refresh we will be seing this year, and as such, videos detailing the concept of the true next-gen iPhone have just released by a designer.

ConceptiPhone has released quite a few videos based on iOS and iuPhones in the past. The latest video from the YouTube user posted a pair of new ones that try to envision what Apple’s next iPhone 7 might look like. But more importantly, the video is a look at what fans are hoping to find on the next-gen smartphone from Apple. Needless to say, the concept is far beyond from how Apple has been playing the game so far, but if not the whole package, there are key elements in there that Tim Cook and Jony Ive should be taking a look into the imagination.

Rumors were already done with Apple working on reducing, or so what called eliminating the use of plastic material for antennas that currently run around the back of the iPhone 6. The current setup for it’s lineup, the iPhone 7 may just drop it altogether as the videop showscased. The all-aluminum rear-housing has been given an interesting X-shaped curve which apparently reminds us of iMac’s rear.

Now about the protruding camera design, while ConceptiPhone is not so optimistic about it, but judjing by the thickest point at the back of the iPhone, there’s a chance that the camera remains elevated from the surface when the device sits flat on its back. In this concept video it shows up the camera on iPhone 7 has moved to the center and it might just give some fans that Moto X vibe for a few seconds.

The iPhone 7 is to be sleek and seamless, so bezels are a big no on the phone as the clip demonstrates, but these bezels protect the display, and as awesome as a bezel-less design looks, nevertheless, need much stronger glass for this to work. Concept has however reaches all the way to the side edges of the phone, thus eliminating the side bezels and allowing for a smaller overall footprint without sacrificing screen size.

A bunch of great elements showcased here in the iPhone 7 concept, but the one catchy that really grabbed our attention is the glowing Touch ID / Home button around the edges, giving us a clear indication that a notification is waiting to be read.

Check out the video concept below and let us know what’s your favorite feature in the whole package. Finally, the iPhone 7 design remains a mystery.

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