This is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Allegedly Smiles For Camera Now [Leaks]

Believe it there’s all be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 coming this year, despite of the Note 7 debacle though. South Korean-based electronics barely introduced the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but already attention is turning to the Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, which will likely be the successor to the infamous exploding phablet, Galaxy Note 8.

To bring up the hype, a newly leaked image has surfaced online showing that very device smiling for camera snap, which could potentially be that.

Alleged Galaxy Note 8
There’s been a lot more excitement surrounding Samsung, as the firm at the beginning of the year said that, after the Note 7 fireworks, it would eventually bring us a “better, safer and very innovative” Galaxy Note handset. Naturally, this should be non other than the Galaxy Note 8, expected to be released sometime in the second half of 2017.

In fact, some individuals also feel that Samsung has responded extremely well to the terrible Galaxy Note 7 situation, which also been backed up with the unveil of Galaxy S8 and S8+, both devices appear to have gone down a storm with the Android-loving people.

The Galaxy Note 8 leaks are sure to start in earnest, which may have just had our first look at the hardware in a newly alleged spy shot that appears to show the Note 8 complete with S Pen stylus. Prior to the fact that consumers don’t even have the actual Galaxy S8 range in their hands yet, but the attention is already being placed onto the next-generation Note series, and let’s face it, which can not be any worse than its predecessor.

This weekend began with a photo purportedly showing the Galaxy Note 8 surfaced on the internet web, showing a device that’s nearly identical to the Galaxy S8. But there’s still some problems with this leaked photo. One of the interesting things about the leak of this image is that it literally comes exactly as you can see it, rather not with associated specifications, or additional product information about pricing or when the device might actually see the light of the date.

First and foremost, if we look at the top of this alleged Note 8, there’s no sensors on the left side of the device’s speaker grille – not even the infrared sensor buckled for the smartphones’s iris scanner to work. Speaking of it, we do see an iris scanner on the right, near the front-facing camera – that’s exactly how things are on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Anyone with eyes open see that it looks fairly identical to the previously announced Galaxy S8, albeit a bigger version.

Galaxy Note 8 Leaks
Next, the S Pen stylus sits to the right of the alleged new Note looks just like the S Pen that came with the ill-fated Note 7. Even if this leaked Galaxy Note 8 image is fake – and it probably is – the Samsung device which could bear a strong resemblance to the Galaxy S8 and S8+, as it will likely have a similar dual-curve Infinity Display (and no physical Home button). However, the schematic leaked last month said, the Note 8 included a speaker grille at the bottom of the device – this isn’t added on the S8, and doesn’t seem to show up in the newly emerged image that we’re presenting now, either.

Image of Galaxy Note 8 Tampered
According to the unofficial specifications, the rumors say that the screen of the Galaxy Note 8 will be a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED one, possibly with a 4K+HDR (2160x4428p) resolution. With a mammoth memory of 6GB RAM, and with a next-gen Exynos 9000 processor (or a Snapdragon 835 n the US and other select markets), the upcoming Note 8 may enter to fill the space. Where the Galaxy Note 8 is concerned, previous and however, the lack of information today, we can only expect a storage capacity of 256GB – all with S Pen support right now.

What’s your answer now? Could the Note 8 be just a larger Galaxy S8 with a S Pen and slightly upgraded internals? So it’s literally a waiting game to see if more images or component leaks occur.

(Source: Slashleaks)

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