This New iOS 9 Concept Video Shows A Overhauled Lock Screen With ‘Quick Access’

From the past till last month plenty of iOS 9 concepts surface from fans and designers alike, with giving us a glimpse of what Apple may have in store, though, there haven’t been any leaks in terms of new features iOS 9 will bring with it. This new concept however, does not tinker much with the existing building blocks of iOS 8, but instead, is looking to add a Quick Access feature on the lock screen. More details on the redesigned iOS 9 initiative can be grabbed right after this fold.


It has been reported that with iOS 9, Apple will hugely be focusing on fighting the chinks in its mobile operating system’s armor, and the release of new features will be taking the seat for a chance. This new iOS 9 concept video comes from Conceptsiphone seems to have taken a hint from Apple’s alleged plans for its next-gen Mobile OS.

iOS 8 lock screen already gets notifications, but the designers believe that this information can be even better filtered and re-arranged. Enter – Quick Access, a feature that splits into three types of notification sets for your lock screen: Notifications, Missed Calls, and Reminder. All three of these notifications will be sporting their own seperate page, allowing you to focus and prioritize even better than ever.

However, the notifications and alerts under this feature will be interactive – just like in iOS 8, but the addition of checking up all your reminders right on the lock screen could be real hit. Reminds many various lock screen widgets available on the Android platform, though much simpler. Video shows that, reminders can be pinned to Quick Access, allowing you to filter out the relatively unimportant tasks.

Currently, the real iOS 9 tasker is still under development at Cupertino, and it’s said that Apple is looking forward to reduce the platform’s footprint on devices’ storage after consumers were outraged with the massive space that iOS 8 has taken up on their iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch.

This concept video would be the best example if Apple Apple were to release any new features or change the UI on the iOS platform, and look how far Apple may be wiling to go this time around where it still struggling to address all the bugs and issues that have been plaguing iOS 8 since its release.

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