Tipped: Sony To Announce 4K-Capable PlayStation 4 Neo On September 7


Reportedly Sony will be unveiling its much detailed 4K-capable PS4 Neo next month, according to Vice Gaming. The publication also tips that Sony will show the new iteration of the existing PS4 during an event outlined in for September 7th, could also be released at that time. A release date is yet unclarified.

Although the high-end PS4 is also there to be called as Neo and comes with 4K-resolution support. The updated PS4 will be a more powerful hardware version of the same PS4 that has been on sale for a few years now. Set to be used to increase the maximum resolution that the machine is capable of outputting. Current PS4 consoles can only push up to 1080p signal to the screens they are connected to, but with additional grunt the updated PS4 will be able to handle 4K, promising a better, best and certainly sharper gaming experience.

It was already confirmed that Sony’s new PS4 is in the works, and most importantly it is also confirmed that existing PS4 games will work on the updated machine.

In fact, games will be fully compatible across both PS4 consoles. “All games will support the standard PS4 and we anticipate all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4”, said Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO confirmed a couple of months ago. This is important, because having two PS4 consoles on sale at the same time – would very lkely prove confusing for consumers in the marketplace.

PC gaming is often lambasted for its compatibility issues, and Sony is perfect in ensuring a similar issue doesn’t arise with its two PS4 offerings. If that’s the case, Sony isn’t the one company re-releasing existing hardware. The Xbox One S is a refreshed release of the original Xbox One, and the new console can also handle 4K output for video playback and not games, it seems there’s another upgrade coming to the console next year that promises the same for the latter.

Rumors already spread widely speculating that the Sony PS4 Neo will be priced higher than the existing $350 PS4 model. Sony will not want Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” to have the world of 4K capable gaming.


(Source: VICE)

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