TRAI Exposes Over A Million Email Addresses To Spammers; Reports

Just after Netizens made their Net Neutrality submissions, TRAI has exposed over one million email addresses to spammers, according to the report, as the deadline was closed on April 24. More than 1 million emails were sent to TRAI Regulatory regarding the consultation paper on OTT services and net neutrality. Mots of them were sent through ‘’ — a site created by a few proponents of net neutrality in India. But accidentally, TRAI has unwrapped email addresses of all those who had submitted their feedbacks and responses and made them publicly available for patchers, crackers and hackers aka spammers to scrape. More details on this news can be grabbed after this break.

TRAI website attacked after net neutrality email addresses were leaked

Although AIB had apart from the campaign on social media and FM Radio, also released a video about net neutrality and the consequences if TRAI capitulate to telecom operators’ demands. At the end of the video, AIB had requested viewers to sign up on and tweet using #SaveTheInternet. People who signed in were directed to the homepage of the website, where all of TRAI’s 20 questions were answered in detail. Answers can also be send by an email with the pre-written answers by a single click or could edit the replies and send it.

The Net Neutrality debate began just after TRAI urged by Indian Telecom Operators to change certain regulations related to OTT services such as WhatsApp, Skype, Vibes and some other VoIP services to name some, which would have enabled carriers to bucket the Internet and change differently for a variety of services.


It’s a readymade database for email addresses for unscrupulous companies and it’s worth a lot of money, because most of these million plus email addresses are genuine and verified.

I understand that it is the duty of the TRAI to make everything that they have received public since it is a public consultation after all,” says Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar who says he is taking up the broader issue of citizens’ privacy up in the Parliament. “Still, there is an obligation on them to not reveal personal details like my email address or my phone number.”

This is a massive breach of citizens’ privacy. What are you thinking?


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