Truecaller Plus Cyanogen Teams Up To Bring A New Dialer App Live; Details

On the new advanced dialer app is on its way for Cyanogen OS users, as the company has partnered with Truecaller to deliver a web-enabled caller ID functionality, especially the option to know who is calling you at all times. More details on Truecaller, Cyanogen collaboration deals can be grabbed right after this fold.


Caller ID and block unwanted spam directly from the native dialer, Truecaller is one of the best app till now, as with partnering Cyanogen, Truecaller will be very helpful on Cyanogen OS. Smartphones have so far taken the ability to communicate and improved it dramatically, and of course there are different way to reach out to the rest of the world than ever before, and if you’re into text only, face to face video, or good old fashioned voice calls you can reach out with relatively little effort.

Truecaller, is a bit a new generation of communication, due largely to carrier efforts to monetize the technology and users deciding they could live without it. Caller ID, as its service has been changed from the days of LCD display next to your phone phones, and now Cyanogen, looks like have eventually made its decision to work with one of the more impressive companies keeping this service alive with the implementation on yet another dialer app.

The deal between Cyanogen and Truecaller will see the spam blocking and caller ID features integrated into the CM OS 12 dialer on all upcoming devices that ship with the operating system-based on Android Lollipop. Cyanogen-OS powered devices which are already owned will receive an OTA update in the future. Notably, Truecaller ID would be optional and can be enabled or disabled at any time on your phones, and users during the phone’s setup be asked whether they like to activate Truecaler or not.

The folks at Truecaller made a brand of themselves by being a powerful, community-driven Caller ID service with plethora of features that play well with most Android phones. Usually works well to tell you the name of the person or business behind a particular number, Truecaller lets users flag numbers as known spammers. Truecaller does a reasonable job working with notifications and incoming call pop-ups with their helpful data to inform the users, which is what the Cyanogen OS running smartphone users will soon be able to experience.

This new Cyanogen Truecaller dialer will take full advantage of all the top Lollipop features – including contacts, cards, heads-up notifications, and more off the Material Design. Users will be able to access Truecaller data across the entire dialer, including call history and individual contact cards that can be later edited or flagged at any point in the app.

Cyanogen is a custom ROM built on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and offers its own revamped design and tweaks to Google’s mobile OS. Cyanogen isn’t currently talking about a launch date for this new true dialer, and the company isn’t ready to announce support for their community-driven CyanogenMod users as yet, but its planning for such new caller ID (dialer), whicvh is to have exist as a global product that is apparently rolled out to all Cyanogen OS devices.

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