Twitch Is Ditching Flash And Replacing It With HTML5

Twitch’s video players are getting HTML5 controls and now it looks like Twitch is completely dumping Adobe Flash for HTML5 switching. The company has announced that it is starting to roll out its newly designed video player on the web, replaced with HTML5.


The first step of the switch from Flash to HTML 5 will see the controls of the video player switched over to HTML5, swapping out the old Flash model for shiny, new HTML5 and javascript controls. Twitch videos are still Flash-based for now, but this is all in preparation for a fully-fledged HTML5 player. New controls will be rolled out gradually to all users, and you’ll notice them on channel pages first.

It looks like Twitch follows YouTube footsteps with today’s replacement: In January, YouTube dropped Flash to make HTML5 the default player for its videos. An recently, Facebook and other video streaming sites reported that Adobe Flash Player is hanging and has flaws. Mozilla has blocked all Adobe Flash version from Firefox browser by default. But Adobe is working on fixing the issues, though Twitch has decided to start up with HTML5 video players and the rest.

Twitch details about HTML5 controls and swtching:

Today’s redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript. The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.

You’ll begin to see the new player on channel pages first. As previously mentioned, this is a gradual roll out. If you are not part of our initial pool of users, please be patient as we release the redesigned player at a steady pace.

So, the new HTML 5 controls should start rolling out shortly and to learn more about it, please visist the official Twitch Blog from here.

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