Uber And Ola Cabs Mostly To Have Free WiFi On-Board By The End Of 2015

Following the success of pilot projects, Taxi-hailing ventures are significantly expanding the number of cabs that offer free wireless internet connection. So, the world’s most valued startup, Uber piloted the project in Mumbai a month ago, which is now expandning theĀ  service to five major cities, including Bangaluru, Delhi/NCR and Hyderabad In Telangana State. Ola in the similar fashion started offering free Wi-Fi on Ola Prime and the soon-to-be-launched Ola Shuttle.

Most Uber, Ola cabs to have free Wi-Fi
According to the sources told to TOI, Ola would be adding the facility to several thousands cabs over the next couple of months. The foirms are indeed looking forward at 80% of their fleet being fitted with WiFi by the end of this year. How? Below are some details about it to learn.

Uber has an exclusive partnership with Airtel to use its 4G networks, whereas Ola too is using the country’s largest mobile player. The cab aggregators are setting up the bill of the device as well as the data usage. They are goingto use a 4G dongle that generates WiFi hotspot in a 100-meter radius with a device-specific password. However, the device specifically costs Rs 2,300, gives users speeds between 10-15mbps. With numbers obtained from drives, indicates that the usage per cab in a month has been around 10GB.

For the first time in the world, Uber’s free WiFi is being introduced atthe national level. In India, it has already been the second biggest operations for Uber. Now with the service available across 22 cities and 1.65 lakh drivers on its rolls. Karun Arya, Uber spokesperson for South Asia and India, said:

“It is the principle behind Uber experience that the consumers can get more things done while in a cab, be it getting their work done before meetings for professionals or catching up with social media for students, leaving more time with family at home. Network in India can be a bit sloppy at times, and this gives reliable high-speed internet.”

Yet another point-to-point bus service, Shuttl is also offering Wi-Fi to its consumers in 30 Tempo Travellers on two cities in Delhi/NCR on an experimental basis. Started it in April, runs on more than 400 vehicles across 22 routes in the region. Deepanshu Malviya, co-founder of Shuttl says, “Most of our consumers are daily office-goers. So it made sense to offer Wi-Fi.

What do you think about free WiFi services offering by Ola and Uber in India?

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