Venice: Best Look At BlackBerry’s Upcoming Android Slider Phone Leaks

Top on the news is when BlackBerry is going to introduce its own Android running smartphone, and what exactly it has inside to compete with other flagships. Now that a phone appears that could make you want to switch back to BlackBerry. The QWERTY king was although working on an Android slider featuring one of its famous keyboards, and some of the leaked renders apparently confirms that, but now, it looks like actual builds of the alleged phone are floating around, and several photos of ne have surfaced online.

The BlackBerry Venice Slider Leaks In All Its Android-Powered, QWERTY-Packing Glory
However, it is hard to say that how stylish the BlackBerry Android Slider will be from few leaked photos of what may still be a prototype. Nevertheless, it certainly confirms that the device, which allegedly goes by the codename “Venice,” is accurate and likely close to competition. The phone that was emerged tipped at 5.4-inch Quad-HD display, Snapdragon 808 Processor, 3GB of RAM, and 18MP rear camera. On the other hand it looks like the slider seems to be running an only lightly modified version of Android Lollipop, which of course, a good news.

Eralier leaks of Android BlackBerry slider came from @evleaks, who suggests a November release date timeframe on all four major US carriers. How wonderful it could be to use a good hardware keyboard with Android. Think it!BlackBerry-Vince4

The BlackBerry “Venice” slider was actually announced back in March during MWC and the company promised it would be launched sometime this year. Since then, BlackBerry has been quite on its pending details, but the rumors and leaks of this dual-curved display device has been plenty.

The latest leak reveals the slider from all angles, also showing off its SIM card and microSD card slot on upper hand of the device. Best part here is that the Android phone has its first look at the slider mechanism, confirming 18-megapixel OIS camera, textured back, and a beautiful look at physical QWERTY keyboard. With 5MP Selfie cam. 1.8GHz S808 CPU, the Venice seems to be running Android Lollipop.

It’s imminent and BlackBerry Venice aka Android slider is coming very soon. Stay tuned!


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