Waterproof iPhone 7 With Self-Healing Materials In The Cards, As Apple Patent Reveals

Apple for its next iPhone models seems to be working on equipping “self-healing” material that will help prevent the future device from getting damaged by water. Using this type of technology will protect the device against water, debris, dust, gas and other damaging materials.

According to the notes found in the company’s latest patent filing, Apple said it will apply a self-healing elastomer over one or more of the device’s external electronic connectors. Suggesting that this level of protection can be very helpful, for instance, one would like to take a selfie while in the middle of a dust storm, since one would be assured that this device would be free from any damage.

In favor of Lightning-Based EarPods, Legacy 3.5mm Headphone Jack Being Tossed

It’s also said that Apple wants the elastomer material to have a color that matches the device for which it is used. This color matching can be achieved by mixing elastomers with other materials. While the elastomer can cme in black and white for example, if it will be applied to the iPhones. Depending on the technique used in the manufacture of elasmoter material, the latter can be applied on sensitive contacts as a liquid or there are pre-molded attachments that will be installed.

Apparently, it is said that the device’s self-healing elastomoers can be applied to the headphone jack opening including its cylindrical housing, which instantly protects the exposed contacts from dust, liquid and oher harmful materials. Although, Apple is planning to ditch 3.5mm headphone jack for a thinner iPhone 7, replacing it with Lightning-based earpads and will find its strength in a focus on a waterproof frame and dust-proof body and may ditch a metallic casing altogether.


Speaking about the elastomers, which are so flexible that they can be penetrated by a headphone plug. The material automatically reseals when the connector is released from the attachment. Just recently, Apple’s filed patents received approval from the United Staters and Trademark Officie (USTO). The patent, as we reported, will be able to eject liquids from the device’s speakers by using sound. Thus, Apple called the patent “Liquid Explusion From An Orifice.”

According to the patent, Apple will use shutters that will seal the openings of a device’s important components in order to block off any form of liquid material. These include sealing the device’s microphones and headphone jacks and also its SIM card slots.

Yet-to-make an official announcement by Apple about the rollout of the patended technology to the upcoming iPhone 7 in 2016.

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