WhatsApp v2.12.38 APK Download For Android Officially Gets Material Design Update

You can now download the latest version 2.13.38 of WhatsApp APK for Android which brings with it the latest Lollipop’s Material Design elements, but no new features added to the Messenger options. Nevertheless, the latest WhatsApp Android APK version 2.12.38 upgrade brings Bold, Colorful UI all-around the app along with new animations, icons et al. Download links for the new WhatsApp Messenger v2.12.38 is available at the bottom of the post that too side-load app, APK.

WhatsApp APK version 2.12.38 is now available to download. Android Lollipop running devices will see new heads up notifications on the top for messages when you are using other apps. After the update, the app’s task bar, which is placed on top, is merged with calls, chats and contacts bar under a single color, and once opening a chat, users would see a new round green-colored voice-recording icon placed besides the text bar. The chat conversation now features a bubble-like chat design alongside several minor animation changes.

The new Material Designed WhatsApp app update is available from the official WhatsApp website and you must side-load APK on your Android smartphone to get all the new designs.

WhatsApp voice calling on Android devices has already started rolling out without any invitation, and you can be able to call any WhatsApp account through your Android phone with the updated app download. iOS version is still behind to get WhatsApp calling feature.

Download WhatsApp APK v2.12.38 from here,

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