Is This End Of WhatsApp Messaging In The UK, Banned Soon!

WHATSAPP could be BANNED nationwide in a matter of weeks under the “Snoopers Charter,” which would prevent people from sending encrypted messages and could be in place this fall. Acco9rding to the reports from DailyExpress, WhatsApp faces ban on the UK within weeks. Check the full story on why United Kingdom decided to get rid of WhatsApp mobile messaging service in the country.

WhatsApp: Mobile Messaging Application May Be Banned in UK Under Investigatory Powers Bill
Currently WhatsApp is still live and can be enjoyed it until it banned. Britons could see the hugely popualr cross-platform app Banned under strict rules on social media and online messaging services like WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat – currently scramble communications between their users.

Private online communications will be opened-up by the “Snooper’s Charter” – or the Investigatory Powers Bill, to give the bill its full title – which requires internet service providers, phone companies and technology firms like Google, Apple, Facebook and WhatsApp to keep a record of all of your activity.

The troubling database of information, which will include all your Google searches, your Facebook conversations, WhatsApp group messages and SnapChat videos, will be made available to the UK police and government whenever they require. British police currently make a request to access personal metadata – texts, emails, phone calls and internet searches – once every two minutes in the UK, according to data from Big Brother Watch.

For more details, please make yourself free to visit DailyExpress from here.

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