Why Samsung Ditching Its Own Brand Logo To Sell Galaxy S6 In Japan; Reports

To get hold of the smartphone market share in Japan, Samsung is taking a new approach that sees the vendor ditching its logo from both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, opting instead to co-brand with local carriers. That’s not the accurate reason, Samsung may be the largest handset manufacturer in the world, but it doesn’t sells its products in certain countries, like Japan, Apple owns 51% of the Japanese market share, and when compared to Samsung only got 5.6%. In order to gain more market share in Japan, the South Korean giant is willing to sell its Galaxy S6, S6 Edge without its brand logo printed on it.

Samsung has although announced that it will be ditching its own brand for both the Galaxy S6 series later this month, and the company decided to follow an old trend that saw years ago in the US, where you’ll only be able to find them as the “Docomo Galaxy S6” or “au GalaxyS6,” and the naming also applies to the Galaxy S6 Edge obviously.

Samsung has struggled to break into the Japanese market, even though its been the best-selling Android manufacturer globally. With this move from the Korean vendor, goes as far as to renaming Samsung’s wireless charger as the “Galaxy” charger, and the same even goes with the company’s Facebook page, which is now known as the “Galaxy Mobile Japan.”

Official statement claims,  “We think the Galaxy brand has been well established in Japan.” However, the market share numbers don’t reveal that, but you’ll never see a company claim otherwise on a press release.

Samsung’s latest flagships set to launch in the country on April 23. Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge goes on sale in Japan very soon.

(Source: Korean Herarld)

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