WikiLeaks: Organization That Releases 276,000 More Additional Private Documents From Sony Hack

Announced by WikiLeaks on Thursday about over 276,394 private documents, emails and financial data belonging to Sony, releasing the second part of the hack of Sony Pictures since November hack, and also revealing sensitive information about the company. What actually that contain can be checked right after this jump.


Dumped a second enormous cache of internal docs from Sony into WikiLeaks searchable database. April was the month of this year, where it added internal Sony emails that shined a light on the inner working of the studio including, the deecision making process surrounding projects, employinbg information, pay discrepancies between male and female actos and racist and derogatory remarks by Sony executives.

With this new and latest addition leak of 276,394 searchable documents include calendar, event planning and expense reports, available online since the Guardians of Peace breach back in November 2014. WikiLeaks is just making it easier to search through the files.

Sony on the other hand is however showed its face unhappy about the situation, while it was already facing investigation legal options when WikiLeaks added the first batch of documents to its database. Also threatended to sue Twitter if it didn’t ban accounts that were tweeting leaked emails steming from the breach.

Computer experts and the FBI has blamed North Korea for the unprecedented Sony hack, but Pyongyang has denied responsibility. Updates will follow!

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