Windows 10 For Phones Demoed On Android Powered Device Xiaomi Mi4 [Video]

A new video of the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone running Windows 10 for phones has just been uploaded online, showing Microsoft’s OS running on a device that ships with Android out of the box. Actually, it was imminent and the Redmond-based software maker has already signed for that with the Chinese manufacturer recently. What is this witchcraft? Head over the jump to find out how about this development and watch a clip of the OS in action on the phone.


Microsoft although announced this as a part of Windows Insider Program, it’s the game concerning Windows 10 for phones by working with Xiaomi to provide power users a chance to experience Microsoft’s latest mobile OS on their device, and feedbacks too.

Now that, a video has surfaced showing the whole thing in action. It’s a three minute long video clip entirely in Mandarin, so if you speak the language you’re in, unless won’t, you’ll have to focus on the visuals at hand. The OS indeed look surprisngly smooth given how the phone wasn’t really built for booting Windows 10. Microsoft’s plan was to gain this by throwing in a custom ROM to Mi 4 users who would be able to flash it onto their phones, which is exactly why it was intended for ‘power users’.

Furthermore, this development replaced the existing Android OS on the Mi4 device with a Windows 10 based ROM, giving users a native experience with the ease. Essentially, given that this is the first instance of such an initiative seen on an Android device, and we can see how smooth the overall functionality is.

However, we already know that the software giant has planned to make its mobile OS – Windows 10 free for all smartphones and tablet sized devices, and by making such custom ROMs available to Androud users, it looks to have achieved a way to penetrate a market that is dominated by Google’s mobile OS and Apple’s iOS.

Unlike CyanogenMod custom ROMs for smartphones and tablets running the stock Android, Microsoft is also planning this new initiative for the said mobile OS for phones, and would be looking to expand the program to more Android devices in the future as the response from Xiaomi users come in.

(Source: WindowsBlogItalia [Google Translate])

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