Windows 10 OEM Pricing, Release Date Of Windows 10 Pro Leaked

Just before Microsoft made an announcement of the final Windows 10 release date, the OEM pricing has been leaked. With the pricing structure for the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system potentially out in the wild also. All looks like some of the mystery surrounding when Windows 10 will be available, and now, we got the exact roll out date, which is all set on July 29. The U.S. retailer Newegg appears to have accidentally outed Windows 10’s release date and indeed its price after a product page of software went live.

Assuming the oft-mentioned information is indeed accurate and would seem that Windows 10 will be available in OEMs – Original Equipment Mabufacturers – come August 31st, with both Home and Professional version going on sale at that time. Windows 10 Professional will set buyers back $149. Worth noting that these retail prices are for OEM version of Windows 10 though, so it’s likely that full retail boxed copies will see different prices come launch day.

Finally, Microsoft has announced when its next operating system, Windows 10, will be available. Revealing that it will go up for free download on July 29th. Windows 10 will be available for purchase on August 31, according to a page on the retailer’s site. OEM copy of Windows 10 Home will set you back at cost $109, and will be released in 190 countries, 111 languages.

(source(s): Newegg via ZDNet)

Here are the Windows 10 Editions available for free download, unveiled by Microsoft.

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