Xiaomi Arch With Dual Curved Edges Tops Samsung Galaxy Note Edge [Report]

Samsung at IFA 2014 introduced the world with its new Galaxy Note Edge phablet offers one curved side, along with the Galaxy Note 4 earlier this year. And the Korean giant is also prepping yet another curved edge phablet in the near future with Galaxy S6 Edge with two curves in its sides. Now it looks like the Chinese Apple, aka Xiaomi is taking the concept a step further. Full details after this break!

Galaxy Note Edge rival, Xiaomi Arch could be the world’s first dual curved edge phone

A new poster surfaced seemingly reveals a device called the Xiaomi Arch with not one, but two curved edges, and rumored to be the Galaxy Note Edge rival. Apparently, the poster you are seeing says that the Arch is the world’s first phone with a dual curved screen.

The information found on the edges will include notifications and controls and Xiaomi might also use one side to stream live info such as stock prices and sports scores. With the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge priced at a premium, but Xiaomi Arch would cost more less than it, which would go against the manufacturer’s low-priced business strategy.

Thinking to purchase the Xiaomi Arch? First of all keep in mind that this is more than a concept from the Chinese manufacturer at this point. All we have at the moment is only a poster and if anything comes across officially, or more concrete is released – we’d be more than happy to pass it along to you via Social Network or via TechGiri.com. Stay tuned!


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