Xiaomi Mi 5 With 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 SoC To Launch In Oct-November Date; Reports

The next Mi flaghsip smartphone would be Xiaomi Mi5, which can’t stay out of rumor mill. No talking about the previous ones, when the latest details emerged already. The Xiaomi Mi 5 will use a Snapdragon 820 chipset, Qualcomm’s return to custom cores. More reports on Xiaomi Mi5 specs, release date timeframe can be found right after this fold.

It was there in the buzz that Xiaomi will be introducing Mi5 earlier this year, but instead surprised the world with Mi Note. Later, released the ‘Made for India’ Mi 4i last month, but here, the most and much-anticipated device was the all-time rumored Xiaomi Mi5. Latest information points to the October-November launch date for the new Flagshio Mi phone, and speculated to bear 4 gigs of memory on-board.

First of all we have to speak about the S820 SoC, introduced wth support for Sense ID – a fingerprint sensor technology that apparently relies on ultrasound rather than optics. Beyond that, although suggested that a fingerprint sensor will be a part of the feature list, but back then it was an optical sensor. Ultrasound sensors are said to be more resilient aginst dirt and water on your finger.

Rumored, that the Xiaomi Mi5 to expand its screen size to 5.5-inch QHD 2k display, and apart that, its will grow its height and width as well. Expected to significantly reduce its thickness and drop to a slim 5.1mm frame. Made of pure aluminum.

Camera department on the Mi 5 is a bit vague at the moment. With a 16MP OIS sensor and 8MP selfie-focused shooter being tossed around, the Xiaomi Mi5 may or not have a USB Type-C connector too. Storage wise, it will slated up to 64GB and with 4GB of RAM, the new chipset may be more efficient. And will offer two storage options — 16GB and 64GB variants. Battery package would be go with a 3000mAh or more.

It is also said that yet another variant of Xiaomi Mi5 is coming either, a Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus, which may bring a 6-inch screen to join the gameplay. However, it is not clear or confirmed on how it will be positioned among the Mi Notes.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 may be announced as late as November. But speculated to be unveiled on July 15, 2015. Time will tell, so stay tuned!


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