Xiaomi Now Holds A New Guinness World Record, Sold Out 2.11 Million Phones Online In 24 Hours

It only took a day for Xiaomi to acquire the new Guinness World Records title and how? Sold 2.11 million phones online in just 24 hours. During the Mi Fest in China, Xiaomi has achieved this honor in just 12 hours and in that period it has generated a revenue of 2.08 billion yuan, which is almost US$335 million. Not only that, the company earned 170 million Chinese Yuan for selling accessories alone in the Fest. More details inj brief can be grabbed below.

Congratulations to Xiaomi team and CEO and me, and thats’ why because I am also the part to bring such world record, played a role an purchased a Redmi 2 as it sold 720,000 units of smart appliances, 247,000 set of Mi Power Strip, 208,000 units of Mi Band wearables, 79,000 units of Mi WiFi and 38,600 Mi Tvs set top-boxes. Other than that, the company has also retailed 403,000 Power banks, 336,000 Mi Piston earphones and a 3.12 million Mi Air purifier units.

While the record breaking 2015 Mi Fan Festival results goes like this and officially up to 3.05 million orders were placed overall and 0.5 million orders were delivered with 12 hours via 12 major distribution centers in China. Employees of Xiaomi were 1460 working during the sale throughout the day and 1800 service centers answered more than one million questions and finally, the company said that it aims to sell 100 million smartphones in 2015.

Answer will be 50/50 and it has however partnered Snapdeal and Amazon in the race for selling its products online through e-commerce apart from Flipkart, and more particularly, exclusive flash sale aesthetics.

Thais is it! What do you think of Xiaomi’s 100 million phones target in 365 days this year?

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