Xiaomi Trade-In Program For iPhone Reportedly In The Works

Although Apple plans for trade-in programs for its old iPhones to get newer ones and today Xiaomi for iPhone trade-ins comes to scene which the word about the bold marketing stint arrived from an executive from the Chinese start-up.

Reports surfaced regarding the iPhone 5s owners can be able to trade their smartphones for the freshly announced Xiaomi Mi Note. Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users on the other hand, will be able to set themselves up with a 4GB RAM, 5.9-inch 64-bit Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

Reportedly, users will be able to only trade their iPhone in regardless of its condition. However, we do suspect that a functioning device is par required for a swap to take place. iPhone 4, 4S owners are out of this trade-ins.

Official details regarding the Xiaomi’s trade-in program are yet to be revealed. Expected that, at least, this trade-in program will only be available in China. India, and other countries will have to wait for such opportunity, or else never get the chance.


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