Your iPhone 6s Phones Are Randomly Shutting Off, Minimal Are Seeing It In Action

Since the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been available on September 25, many users are complaining about several issues, like Display Bug that raised its hands when restored iPhone backup from older iOS devices via iCloud or iTunes, and some users have begun reporting that their 6s and 6s plus will randomly turn itself off completely, even when it’s left unattended and with significant battery power. What’s happening, while there are videos regarding iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB of RAM smokesa Galaxy Note 5 with 4GB of RAM in real-world speed test.

It’s unknown what causes the shut off, but a minimal users have also reported their home button feels warm to the touch when trying to revive their iPhones. How to get fixed?

In my point of view, the majority of incidents some iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users have been reporting, indicates iOS 9 may be the root of the problem. If you have to revive back you’ll need to turn the phone back on is to hold the power and hme button down for 10 seconds, forcing the phone to restart.

Until now, the data collected indicates that no specific action causes the shutdown. Additionally, iPhone 6s users and iOS 9.0.1 users appear to be the most affected by the bug. For that to fix, please download iOS 9.0.2 and update it over the air (OTA), which apparently brought fixes for some sort of issues.

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