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The update everyone is waiting for is finally here – YouTube gets the Lollipop update with some of its best Material Design goodies. The App’s makeover is essentially what you’d expect – along with circular avatars, it features a tall, tabbed toolbar now in YouTube’s signature vibrant red brand color, a full-height material nav app drawer, and gets a clean new white background. Download APK right now!

Before you go grab it, Google has been working to bring Material Design aesthetics to all its Android apps in recent weeks, and now YouTube, one of the best Big G’s popular offerings, is receiving its Lollipop makeover. Users will finally find plenty of pretty colors throughout, with aforementioned toolbars and other UI elements that automatically change to match your favorite channels.

Channels, after YouTube Lollipop update receive special attention, with Lollipop’s Palette API pulling colors from the channel art to color the app’s toolbar. It’s YouTube 6.0 now, brings a new Launcher icon as well, falling into line with the rest of Google’s product icons. Like Google’s own apps, YouTube been already clean and tidy, and with this Material Design makeover, starts with a fancy new app cons.

Interesting here in the new YouTube app is the application’s latest toolbar, which apparently changes colors to match the Theme of the channel you are looking for. In addition to the visual changes, the search giant has also added more advanced search filters, making it easier to find the content too. Officially, you can choose to view only HD content, videos with closed captions, or even channels streaming live as well.

The YouTube update also brings a welcome addition to anyone who’s struggled to find just what they were looking for in the past, with advanced search filters to YouTube, it made it easy to users to change something that they desire to.

Like all Google apps updates, this is not different but this one is rolling out in phrases via Google Play, so not all users will receive it at the same time. If you don’t want to wait fof it to hit your Android apps list, you can now download the APK from the link embedded below and install it manually.

Download and install it just like any other APK.

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