Next-Gen Apple TV Hardware Coming In September, New Touch-Based Features Revealed

Alongside new iPhones, Apple is finally planning to release its updated version Apple TV to the market this September and the rumors become true, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the new set-top box will be unveiled in September at the same event where Apple will unveil the next-generation iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


Set to get its first public offering at the September unveiling of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the newly refreshed Apple TV will be the first update to the platform since its last revamp in 2012, making this, along with iPod touch 6, one of the longer periods between products refreshes in Apple’s hardware lineup.

Apple has finally stepping forward to introduce its long-awaited next-gen Apple TV, and which said to come with a touch-based remote and Full App Store dundles. The latest round of report that have a new Television by Apple on the horizon, started when BuzzFeed posted that it had knowledge to that effect. Said that new Apple TV to be smaller than the one it currently sells, though that smaller frame will include an updated A8 CPU and additional internal storage.

Extra storage is likely to come in handy given the claim that this will be the first Apple TV to feature a complete App Store, allowing users to download apps that take full advantage of new Apple TV APIs. With a touch-pad based remote that drastically improved compared to the current version, a new operating system that supports full App Store, Siri voice controls, and more on-board storage to accommodate apps. This time, Apple TV will take on a new, slimmer look. Those apps are unlikely to involve an Apple TV subscription however, with that particular venture not set to be ready for market until later in 2015 at the earliest.

Apple’s Siri will also make an appearance with the new Apple TV, allowing voice control for the first time. Apple will not be introducing its rumored television service at the same time, which is the Internet-based streaming service that could possibly launch in late 2015, but 2016 is more likely.

Note:  Current rumors suggest Apple’s television offering will bundle approximately 25 channels and cost between $30 to $40 per month.

It was widely expected that Apple to introduce both its new Apple TV and its upcoming streaming television service in June at WWDC conference, but the two products were not ready for the prime time, resulting, Apple has postponed its release of the set-top box because it was “not ready for that particular time” and held off on the television service cause’ deals were not completed.


So, an updated set-top box with App Store support and other features will be a major change from the platform that we know and use today “?”. If Apple does indeed announce a new Apple TV alongside new iPhones come September, sources say that the device will be available for purchase almost imediately. That may change however should Apple manage to get its subscription TV service out the door at some point in the future.

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