Next-Gen Xbox Codename “Scarlett” Arriving In 2020, As Per The Reports

According to the source which claimed that the next-generation Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, should launch sometime in 2020. So, the next Xbox consoles are reportedly being developed under the nickname Scarlett.

It appears that Microsoft has all but conceded the current generation of game consoles to the PlayStation 4 after it confirmed that the new Xbox One’s replacement is already under development.

A new report by has said that Microsoft is getting ready to launch a next-generation console as soon as 2020.

In the report, Thurrott also reaffirmed the earlier rumor that Microsoft has codenamed the project Scarlett, and the codename refers to “a family of devices.” not a single console. This may also explain Spencer’s use of the word “consoles” in the plural, although that remains to be seen.

Scarlet (or, as many publications are spelling it “Scarlett”) is supposedly “multiple pieces of hardware” releasing in 2020. If Scarlet does indeed release only three years after Xbox One X, it would lend more credence to an idea that Microsoft is already focused on winning the future.

And if Microsoft has already multiple hardware devices in the works, it is unknown what they will entail. Previously it has been speculated that it has a streaming device of some sorts in the works, and “Xbox TV” hardware was rumored to arrive during 2016’s E3 conference. This ultimately did not happen after Microsoft canceled the devices that were thought to be $99 boxes developed under the Project Hobart name.

No matter what the 2020 Xbox launch looks like, we can safely assume that there will be some sort of backward compatibility built in. Where Microsoft has made lots of noise about backward compatibility throughout the Xbox One’s lifecycle and we don’t expect this to change with the device’s replacement.

Speaking during Microsoft’s E3 media presentation, Spencer said the Xbox One X team is “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to deliver the benchmark of console gaming.”

Scarlet, along with Sony’s immersive PlayStation 5 console, may also have already had its first three games announced this week. While Microsoft itself announced Halo Infinite without any release date, leading to widespread speculation that Master Chef’s next outing is also being developed for Scarlet.

In fact, there’s a huge barrier of a catalog of games which already out there and Microsoft will no doubt make it available on hardware that Spencer assured fans will be at the top of its game.


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