Next Firmware Version Of iOS Could Kill 187,000 Old 32-bit iPhone / iPad Apps [Report]

If Apple’s release of iOS 11 firmware sees the next level of action, the support for 32-bit apps on iPhone and iPad, almost 187,000 to 200,000 apps will become obsolete overnight according to new statistics released by analytics from Sensor Tower.

iOS 11, the next version of Apple’s mobile OS expected to launch this spring, likely with the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, could be. If the latest iOS version releases in given time, it’s said likely going to kill support for all 32-bit iPhone, iPad apps.  That’s going off the fact that the latest iOS 10 beta, iOS 10.3, has pop-up that informs users using old apps that “the app will not work with future versions of iOS.” Damn heck!

According to the firm, around 8% of all apps available on the App Store today will become obsolete due to their lack of updates to support 64-bit CPUs used in modern iOS devices, and that number counts in higher level, the reality may be worse with Sensor Tower confirming that its data may not tell the whole story.

Indeed, if iOS 11 rolls out, all those 32-bit apps tickling on the App Store will drop support dynamically, so developers out there must concentrate now on building 64-bit apps only. The migration to 32-bit apps began in 2013 with the introduction of the iPhone 5S, the first Apple smartphone with a 64-bit processor. Later on, Apple only began mandating new apps to support 64-bit processors in 2015, but then again, still means that the changeover has been happening for four years, and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.


Although Apple asked all developers that any new app going up for download on the App Store beyond Fed. 2015 must be 64-bit compatible and that updates to existing apps be rolled out by June 2015.

This is what exactly the report also points, games are leading the pack of apps that could be affected by iOS 11. A staggering 20.6% of those 187,000 identified apps. Are going to be the fact to become obsolete likely just old trivia games or bad art apps. With that said, there’s also probably a minority of genuinely useful apps that support old hardware and haven’t seen the budget to be updated since Apple made the switch.

Users are going to have to make a choice between upgrading to iOS 11, or sticking with the older iOS version just to keep an old app around. The general consensus is that iOS 11 will be the first version of iOS to drop support for 32-bi apps. Hinted at by certain iOS alerts, and Apple has yet to make iOS 10.3 available to the public, the yearly big release is a more likely option for such a sweeping change in policy.

Expected Apple to announce iOS 11, as well as show off its biggest new feature additions during the WWDC opening keynote to be held in June.

If Apple does introduce iOS 11 in the given month then it is unlikely to launch publicly until September, which apparently give developers time to update or remove their apps from the Store accordingly. Stay tuned to learn more!

(Source: Sensor Tower, Top image: iOS 10 warning for non 64-bit-compliant apps)

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