Next Year’s iOS 13 Update Could Feature iPad-Focused Upgrades Like A Revamped Files App

According to a new report, Apple has allocated several major iPad-focused features planned for next year’s iOS 13 update, codenamed “Yukon.” The information shared by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on Twitter.

This internal project is to be believed then it’s iPad related, and will reportedly involve bringing a number of iPad-related upgrades to the company’s tablet range with the release of iOS 13 in 2019. If Yukon is actually taking place under the radar of Apple, it could likely involve iPad-only improvements with the iOS 13 project including changes and improvements to how Apple Pencil works, a revamped Files app which would apparently be unique to the iPad range. Otherwise, in-app tabs which would also take some inspiration from how apps currently function running on macOS.

Apple is also said to be working on bringing support for using the same app side-by-side in Split View multitasking mode, which, once again, is currently unique to iPad, and unspecified improvements at Apple Pencil. Some of this information was previously shared by the reporter, but details such as a revamped Files app are new today.

While the story is not new as it’s been circulating for a while now but it’s grown somewhat in size with the idea of a brand new and revamped Files app being entirely new. This envisions of a dramatically improved iOS 13 experience also ties-in nicely with the fact that we are expecting Apple to unveil a very modest upgrade with iOS 12 at next month’s WWDC at Apple Park.

It also previously said that some features originally planned for iOS 12 will be pushed back to iOS 13 to allow Apple to work on bug fixes and performance enhancements. These features include a redesigned Home screen and a revamped Photos app. Speculation is suggesting that some features in iOS 13 – including some of those in project Yukon – supposed to form part of Apple’s iOS 12, and now it seems that will focus on stability and security rather than attempting to dramatically overhaul the iOS experience with a slew of new additions and changes.

iOS 11, the current firmware version of iOS, was also an iPad-focused update, introducing the Files app, a revamped iPad dock, a new App Switcher, Drag and Drop support, new Apple Pencil features like Instant Markup and Instant Notes, a redesigned QuickType keyboard, and more for those with an iPad Pro model.

iOS 12, coming this year, will offer fewer new features that Apple had originally planned. At least, Apple will introduce one major change that also affects macOS 10.14 – support for cross-platform apps. With that said, the company is set to be working to implement features that would allow apps designed for the iPhone and the iPad to run on the Mac, there’s still been some disagreement over when this feature will debut.

Another report claims that Apple plans to introduce this functionality until iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, so it’s unclear if it will indeed be coming in iOS 12. Other features planned for iOS 12 include additional Animoji characters, a new Animoji interface and Animojis on iPad, FaceTime support for Animoji, updated parental controls with a new Digital Health tool to allow parents to better monitor screen time, a revamped Stocks app, an enhanced version of Do Not Disturb (DnD), and support for multiplayer augmented reality games.

Apple seemingly trying and will streamline its iOS platform with the release of iOS 12, focusing on a better user-experience and under-the-hood security innards, which will give the company an additional twelve months to get iOS 13 just right.

(Source: @markgurman [Twitter])

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