Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour For Smartphones In A Very Exciting Way

Nintendo has announced the latest of its IPs to make a big leap to smartphones, Mario Kart. An app called Mario Kart Tour is all set to be released in the next financial year, between April 2018 and March 2019. No details about Mario Kart Tour have been made available for download.

Nintendo has had a major success when it comes to bringing some of its fanatic titles and characters to the small screen. Good news for fans of anything Mario-related, Nintendo has unveiled their plans to launch a new game on mobile phones, which is already in active development. Mario Kart Tour should eventually become available for iPhone and Android handsets near you before the end of this year.

Nintendo announces Mario Kart Tour iOS running iPhone, iPad and Android release date time frame

The Japanese company is going to continue that trend, Nintendo is bringing back ‘Mario Kart’ in a very exciting way that is hard to get excited about the Mario Kart Tour on mobile. The company behind it has announced that it will be giving smartphone and tablet gamers something to look forward to the next months by bringing Mario Kart to a suite of new devices and platforms.

You can get the company’s latest and popular Mario Kart Tour becoming available on smartphones, and likely tablets, during the next financial year.

About Mario Kart Tour, we have nothing more than its release time period other than its existence, but the Mario Kart franchise is one of Nintendo’s biggest. Gaming franchise doesn’t really come much bigger than this, and with Mario Kart being one of Nintendo’s most recognizable titles and one of the most popular gaming series to ever exist. The company is setting up all the action, which is really going to have to go all-out to ensure that it produces an experience which lives up to the massive expectations that exist in the gaming community.

Yesterday the company revealed that 14.86 million Switch consoles have been sold, along with about half as many copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – a straight port of a game that also managed to sell a further eight million copies even on the Wii U, which shows just how popular the extremely exciting Mario-themed karting game still is with the global populous.

With the Mario Kart Tour announcement, Nintendo’s release in the next financial year means that smartphones and tablets owners can expect to be able to view and download the new title sometime between April 2018 and March 2019. Honestly, this is a fairly big date range. Also, expect Nintendo make some additional reveals going forward to narrow that release window down.

Possibility there that Apple will once again invite Nintendo up to its stage during a dedicated product event to showcase the title on new Apple hardware, whether or not that be the next-generation iPhone later this year or any newly announced iPads.

As it currently stands, Nintendo didn’t reveal or released any additional information regarding the new title for smartphones. We otherwise don’t know supported devices or platforms, though, we can only assume from previous releases, such as Super Mario Run, that it will be developed for both iOS and Android with support for smartphones and tablets.

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