Nintendo Switch 2 Concept Visual Improvement Possibilities For The Hybrid Console

Great news, Nintendo Switch owners. It’s an absolute fair to say that has been something of a runaway success for a company that has suffered from with the Wii-U and to some point, the Wii. It doesn’t mean the Switch will stay exactly as it is for five to six years, a return to form for the Japanese game maker, thus it’s a very impressive piece of kit for a 1.0 release, what could Nintendo do next with an updated version now that it has some additional manufacturing experience behind it?

Of course, Hardware upgrades are common in the gaming industry, now more than ever, and to some extent, it envisions what we can expect to see the launch of a Nintendo Switch 2. The folks over at Curved asked themselves before creating their concept for the Switch 2, and it looks pretty cool.

Fixing some of the few shortfalls that we all know the current Nintendo Switch has, such as that abysmal kickstand. This concept comes with 64GB of memory built-in and a new 7.3-inch 1280×720 pixels display up front. The new JoyCons also include the ability to be extended, perfect for those with larger hands who find things a little cramped as they are currently.

First of all, the capacitive touch screen with a size of 7.3 inches and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels catches the eye. The operating elements have been increased by 10%. The highlight: Extendable rails were attached to the Joycons so that the small controllers can quickly and easily be installed as required. The control pad is “water under the bridge”. In addition, the fold-out kickstand has been made more robust and offers more support when it is set up. In addition, a USB C cable can now be connected to this mode of operation the socket.

Given that Nintendo hasn’t actually confirmed there’s a Switch 2 in the works, so it’s hard to guess what kind of release date we’re looking at. But nevertheless, the basic concept of the Switch sequel is great as it is and other than some small hardware advancements we actually don’t want to see. We likely agree the fact that this is a great looking Switch 2 concept, and if the updated Switch does look like this or offer the same features, then we are very sure Nintendo will have another runaway hit on its hands!

(Source: Curved [Google Translate])

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