Nintendo Switch Review: You Can Use It As USB-C Power Bank To Charge 2016 MacBook Pro

Did you know Nintendo’s next video game console, the Nintendo Switch can charge your 2016 MacBook Pro using it as USB-C power bank. Here’s everything about that below.

The Nintendo Switch will go on sale worldwide today and people around the world are a bit excited about it. In an attempt Nintendo has provided Switches to some gamers in order for them to get hands-on time with the device.

One of those press attending people has got his hands on a Nintendo Switch, Mike Murphy who noticed something interesting when plugging his Switch into his MacBook Pro to charge. Result, the Apple’s portable computer actually charged off the Switch’s internal battery, not the other way around.


The MacBook Pro in question is a 2016 model which has support for USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 charging connections. It made things easy and led to the rather odd position of a game console being used as an external battery source for a notebook computer, a situation which can be confident in saying the folks inside both Apple and Nintendo likely never foreseen.

Welcome to the weird and gorgeous world of everything charging off a USB-C cable, folks.

As Murphy disclosed though, normal service can also be resumed by simply powering down the Nintendo unit before plugging it into the MacBook. Thinking different are a bit handled in that way then the Mac will happily charge the switch just as you might expect, though if you turn the Switch on at any point during the cycle then all bets are off.


Currently, now it has been proven to work as external battery power bank for 2016 MacBook Pro, we acknowledge it will work with 12-inch MacBook model the same way as well.

Following the lunch of Nintendo Switch console-handheld hybrid today, Nintendo has also launched a mobile app for the management of the Switch’s parental controls. This app allows parents to remotely restrict (block) the content kids interact with, for how long. Worried parents can also lock certain ESRB ratings and online features if they wish to restrict.

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