Are We Soon Be Able To Jailbreak Nintendo Switch, As Shown By This Developer

Newly released Nintendo’s Switch gaming console has only been publicly available, which already getting its attention, both from welcome, and presumably unwelcome sources. Nevertheless, it seems to be a breakout success for Nintendo thus far, but that doesn’t actually mean the console hasn’t seen it’s share of problems. This time around, the not-so well-hidden Nintendo Switch browser has fairly been hacked through a Webkit exploit. Here are the details on that for you.


Consumers on the other part planning to take advantage of the console in order to play excellent games like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘, but find that console has also attracted attention from security researchers and hackers looking to see exactly what can be done with the new console and if it can be liberated from a security perspective. In fact, with relative ease, as proved already by Luca Todesco.

Thanks to the release of yalu102 for those iOS devices running iOS 10 cracked, it seems that Todesco, and other developers, have been looking for a new challenge. With the hacker qwertyyouiop, already well known in gaming space for contributing to the PS4 1.76 crack, posted a screenshot of a Webkit exploit running on the Nintendo Switch, as shown below:

Nintendo have clicked the flip with the release of its new Switch, which not only provides a brand new piece of kit for gamers to sink their teeth into, but also for hackers to investigate and see what exactly is possible. A tweet by Todesco with the text “that’s just how it does“, is accompanied by a picture of a Nintendo Switch after successfully running his jbme exploit.

Given that fact that te brand new Switch console is literally eight days old, there is definitely no jailbreak or homebrew community to sideload anything already set u for this hardware. Though the hacker did not release more evident proof than the screenshot, rather his reputation in the hacking space makes him believable. Add in that Nintendo likely did not think that their browser, which wasn’t really a feature of the console itself for anything beyond hitting “I Agree” to access public Wi-Fi, would be exploited in this way- especially on Day One.

Note: Apparently, the hack is just a jailbreak for iOS with the iOS code removed from it.

With that in mind, it basically means that the current state having access doesn’t specifically allow the average owner of the Switch to do a great deal – nothing specific to pirating games or anything that might suggest than an average Nintendo Switch user is at particular risk has occurred, as of yet. But it does show what is actually possible with this current version of the Switch hardware and firmware, it could potentially open up the door for developers to seriously consider building non-official software, tweaks, and experiences for Nintendo’s latest hardware. Also read: Nintendo Switch Review: You Can Use It As USB-C Power Bank To Charge 2016 MacBook Pro

\One thing is definite and that is, as the vulnerability gains more press and word spreads, Nintendo’s likely to patch it out completely with the next system update. Of course, Nintendo wouldn’t like that, but if it actually happoened it would take action resulting in sales of the Switch hardware increasing. Also read: Nintendo Switch eShop Shows Nine Games For The Very First Time

There’s no addition information on the Switch jailbreak provided at the moment other than that it was an existing exploit that was used “basically untouched” with the removal of specific iOS assumptions. With Todesco’s focus now on Switch, we expect to see there will be more to come from this one, soon.

(Source: @qwertyoruiopz [Twitter])

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