Nokia 3310 Is Back, This Upgraded Phone In 2017 Has Snake Game, Long-Lasting Battery And More

The legendary Nokia 3310 phone made its comeback with a refresh. The mother of all mobile phones “Nokia 3310” in the past is an updated version of the classic today. As promised, HMD Global has officially unveiled Nokia 3310 at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here’s what it looks like in its 2017 makeover?


As you all know by now that Nokia has officially re-introduced the iconic Nokia 3310 at the trade show. Individuals of a certain age who was lucky enough to be the part of the portable telephone revolution in the late 1990s/ early 200s will highly likely be aware of just how popular Nokia’s virtually indestructible 3310 was, with its reliability and of course high-quality buildf being two of the main drivers behind the device’s phenomenal worldwide release.

Complete with one-month standby time, color screen and bundle of nostalgia, the indestructible Nokia 3310 handset returns in 2017. Highlight of the phone will be that it now has a Shake feature, and the updated version of that, famed for its seemingly high-end build qualities, was unveiled on Sunday, February 26th.

This same phone doesn’t even has a 3G connectivity increment, but rather has been higher ever since news of its release leaked earlier this year. Anticipation of the same device has come to an end. The relaunched Nokia 3310 is produced by new mobile firm HMD Global, which has full rights (licensed) to the Nokia brand last year. One should consider that HMD is filled with key ex-Nokia people, and the phone appears to have lsot none of the charm and identity of the 17-year-old original.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Model Colors

In a consumer technology world dominated by smartphones and tablets, Nokia is once again looking to make itself a place of splash amongst those consumers who yearn for the simplicity of yesteryear. Granted, but nevertheless, the gorgeous device is not definitely going to compete with the capabilities of the likes of Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S range of hardware, and nor it is being positioned to even try.

As aforementioned, the fact is that Nokia simply wants to bring back the reliability and attempt to only make a quick killing off those who loved the official 3310, and will be more than happy to part with just $50 to own this new gadget.

It promises that the HMD’s Nokia 3310 will be as durable as the original, often seen as practically indestructible by the teens of the year 2000. Differences you may find on the Nokia 3310 is about a half the thickness of the original and has 10 times the talk time, with 22 hours and twice the standby time; for instance, one month – a duration almost unheard-of in 2017.

The company which now own the Nokia brand seems, hasn’t tried to make an exact clone of the original 3310 hardware, though. This new version does have clear similarities, and very much visually recognizable as the same device, but the difference somewhat modernized and injected with a splash of new color which simply makes it stand out and look awesome. Nokia, on the other hand also even taken the opportunity to add a little additional power into the device in order to allow it to rival in today’s modern market.


For HMD’s new Nokia Android phones are, it’s all about the brand which hopes to achieve its aim of democratizing smartphones and bringing high-end features and quality to mid-range prices. Chinese rivals such as Huawei are already saturating the market at scale with quality devices. “If someone walks into a shop and they want a mid-tier phone, do they buy a Huawei, or a OnePlus, a Xiaomi or a Vivo or Wileyfox or something else they’ve never heard of, or a do they buy the Nokia, the brand they know?”

The Nokai 3310 isn’t the only phone HMD has unveiled at this year Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. Three Android Nougat-based smartphones, the competitively priced, mid-tier devices such as Nokia 6, the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3 – excluding the Nokia 4 now nor has there ever been as the number is concerned unlucky in China. Each with aluminum unibody designs, a bloat-free Pixel-like experience and guaranteed updates for two years from release. Announced already and details here: Nokia 6, Nokia 5 And Nokia 3 Android Nougat Phones With Different Specs, Price Launched At MWC 2017

Snake on 2017's Nokia 3310 game section

Coming back to the hardware key features for Nokia 3310. The device is not coming with Android, instead, it’s powered by the Nokia Series 3.0 OS, and should bring with it more than twenty two hours of talktime on a single charge. From a modern perspective, users can now expanda their phone’s storage using microSD card, supports up to 32GB, and it can even play MP3 files, and comes with a 2.4-ich QVGA displau which is the perfect window to play the hyped Snake game. There’s a 2MP camera as well.

At fifty dollars it’s an absolute steal, and will be available in Warm Red, Yellow, as well as Dark Blue and Gray colors. Then Nokia has also confirmed global availability of the device at launch, there’s no concrete date as to when exactly will it go on sale. Pretty soon, Nokia makes the release date official. Stay tuned for more!

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