Nokia Lumia 1020 Spotted Running Ubuntu OS, Rather Windows Phone OS [Images]

Talking about the 41MP PureView packed Lumia 1020 handset with larger sensor on its back, which could snap pictures better than most of other high-end smartphones in the market. More off it comes running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Now, we have got an image showcasing that the Nokia Lumia 1020 running Ubuntu OS. Full details right after this fold!

Thinking about how Lumia 1020 can run Ubuntu OS? One of the Weibo users have already posted an image and proved it was possible though. Team Ubuntu already been behind a number of leaks online have released some trusting images earlier today, claiming that they made their own Lumia 1020 run Ubuntu.

ed33ed02jw1ennc954vpkj20p118gdhu_副本-576x1024First look at the pictures above and below, shows up the Lumia 1020 running on Ubuntu OS, and which is pretty much like the desktop version of the OS. Menu bar is on its left, same as the taskbar on Windows desktop while the settings bar is on top, contains volume level indicator, Wi-Fi as well as the settings options.

ed33ed02jw1ennc96utegj218g0p1wh9_副本-1024x576If you have already using any of the recent Ubuntu versions on your PC, then you can recognize that the OS is pretty much similar to the one showcased in the alleged pictures. Ubuntu on Lumia 1020 fully working is unknown at this moment. But it could be interesting to see how the OS handles the high-end 410-megapixel sensor on its rear.

Canonical is the company behind the Ubuntu OS, which has already been working on releasing Ubuntu powered smartphones for the past few years. According to this latest leak, the first true Ubuntu-based handset will release in Europe in the second week of February 2015. Of course, it will be a mid-range budget phone which will be sold directly to customers through the Spanish carrier Bq.


Wanna try Ubuntu on your Android-powered smartphones? Yes! You can install Ubuntu OS on a number of Google‘s Nexus devices: supported on Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2013 tablet and the Nexus 10 tablet as well.


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