Nokia VR Headset To Make Its Appearance Next Week

Nokia is one of the most popular Finnish company produced its best mobile devices in the past and upcoming Android phones as well, but now it looks like entering into the Virtual Reality market and the company is expected to announce a new Nokia VR Headset next week. Details on this innovation can be checked right after this jump.

The company indeed holding a press event in Ls Angles next week and the device which is said to be a Virtual Reality headset created by Nokia Technologies, which already released Nokia N1 Android tablet and is working on Android smartphones as well, planning to unveil its first Nokia VR headset at the time.

About Nokia VR headset, as we only got a little regarding the device, but expected to see the similar aesthetics like Oculus Rift and other devices already in the market. LikeĀ  Google Cardboard is a simple set of folding goggles that can work with any VR-ready iOS or Android phone app. We should have more details on exactly what Nokia has planned for Virtual Reality next week and will look forward on what actually the Technologies has in their hands to announce.

It is also rumored that Nokia will also release some Android powered handsets in 2016, this was recently confirmed by the company itself, which tipped to see the first devices in Q4 of next year, this is when Nokia is allowed to debut new handsets after sold off its mobile devices and services business to Microsoft last year. The Samsung Gear VR, one of several VR headsets available right now. Even OnePlus also joining the virtual reality market. A move into virtual reality would mark the biggest consumer-centric move by Nokia.

Now, we only have the next week date for an event by Nokia and expecting to see a new range of Virtual Reality headset from the tech. Stay tuned!


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