Early 2016 12-Inch MacBook Model’s Release Imminent As References Found In OS X Server

At its Spring event Apple has announced a whole new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPhone SE and the new Apple Watch bands with 26 different combinations, while some had also expected new notebook computers to also make an appearance, with an updated MacBook and new MacBook Pros believed to be on the cards. Otherwise, July month believed be more reasonable ETA, and as it turned out, there were indeed no new Mac computers unveiled during the march 21st media event.

Early than the best, that doesn’t mean something isn’t on the shelves for the 12-inch MacBook during the first half of this year.

New reports emerged now suggesting that the 12-inch MacBook will potentially receive a hardware refresh soon enough after it was discovered that Apple’s own software makes mention of an 12″ MacBook (Eraly 2016). Suggesting that July may be a little bet for such a designation, meaning either the MacBook will be released at a different timeframe to new MacBook Pros, or all of the new 13/15-inch notebooks will make their debut within the next couple of months.

The unannounced MacBook spotted just after it was spotted, mentioned in Apple’s own System Image Utility application, which allows system images to be made for multiple machines. Images discovered can be redirected to only work on specified hardware, with one of the devices listed being the oft-mentioned “Early 2016 12-inch MacBook.”

“12” MacBook (Early 2016)” reference in the OS X System Image Utility
The same machine is also referred in the OS X Server application, under the NetInstall section.

The same reference as seen in the latest OS X Server app
The current MacBook was released last April, so an update within the next couple of months expected won’t be any surprise, especially given the fact that the new Intel CPUs are honored to be part of the refresh. The same goes with the new MacBook Pro, with 13 and 15-inch computers both expected to receive refreshes soon than later. Reportedly ultra-thin 13 and 15-inch MacBook Models coming by June/July.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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