Inventec Is Set To Launch Xiaomi Manufactured First Laptop In 2016

So we are going to see Xiaomi Laptop next year? Rumors already there regarding the Chinese manufacturer is working on its 1st. Now, according to the report in the Taipei Times, the smartphone maker Xiaomi is set to debut its laptop in the Q1 of 2016.

Inventec Chaiman Rechard Lee also confirmed that the company is planning to manufacture Xiaomi’s notebook computer, with shipments set to begin in the 1st half of 2016. It turns to be accurate, as the same compnay last year reported that Xiaomi will most probably go with a 15-inch notebook size and will bundle the laps with open-source software – Linux OS.

Xiaomi entered the market five years ago and has since, became one of the top and leading vendors in China and the company sloa has a strong presense in markets like India, Brazil and Africa. It has delivered innovative and high-quality devices at budget prices, has been the major key feature behind its rapid growth. With the descision to enter the personal cmputer space is sure to bring additional pressure on industry leaders such as Lenovo, Samsung and of course, Apple as well.

The Inventec’s chairman told the newspaper that his company would be assembling the project, in producing Xiaomi laptops in 2016, “I am upbeat about the business outlook for Xiaomi’s notebook computers, as the firm has more than 200 million registered smartphone users. We will start shipping Xiaomi’s notebook computers in the first or second quarter of next year“. Adding that the new laptop would be a little different from traditional ones in terms of appearance.

The company will ship the notebook in China, and got no idea on what OS it runs on, could be running Windows 10, or Linux based Ubuntu etc. As per Bloomberg reports that suggests Xiaomi was hoping to produce a lapy range that would compete directly with the likes of Apple’s MacBook Air range and could cost around $470, as said and given the Xiaomi laptop will be sold at 2999 Yuan. Specifcations and other hardware key features are scarce at thi moment.

Currently, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi can replicate the same strategy in the PC segment. Stay tuned!

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