Meet The World’s Thinnest Laptop, HP Spectre In Brief [Video]

HP has been looking forward in making a notebook that will catch everyone’s attention in the world in a thinnest hardware way, has finally introduced “the world’s thinnest laptop”, the Spectre. HP’s newest 13.3-inch lappy isn’t anything else in the company’s lineup, which may be the name that’s instantly recognizable around the globe as a manufacturer of PCs and hardware components, HP has relatively recently embarked on a mission to become known as the premium PC manufacturer in what is highly staurated and very competitive marketplace.

Meet the new HP Spectre 13.3 ultrabook! To compete head-to-head with Apple’s extremely popular MacBook Air and even the 12-inch MacBook, the 13.3-inch Spectre offering better terms of both performance and overall product design. Though, technically isn’t the lightest makeover.

On first glance, it may seem as if the boast of being the world’s skinnest laptop is nothing more than an initial marketing stunt to drive interest in the new HP Spectre. later on investigation, the numbers however add up. Currently! The Lenovo LaVie holds the title of being the lightest laptop offering, but like MacBook Air, that specific model mesaures in with a thickness of 17mm. The new 12-inch MacBook, side by Razor Blade Stealth, both offers a tickness of 13mm. Now that this HP’s new Spectre offering measures in at an surprsingly minute 10.4mm. Expect with a bigger screen, extra horsepower and a little more bling. Think HP!

The total weight of Spectre is just 2.45 pounds, and yes, it is very, very thin enough, extremely easy to hold thanks to a carbon fiber underside that offers a tough and lighweight shell, which helps the machine feel at once compact and well-made. There’s also an innovative hybrid battery, Spectre is about as thick as a AAA cell, making it not just the slimmest PC in HP’s portfolio but the thinnest notebook on the entire market. That has split into multiple skinnest pieces while still battery managing to deliver up to 9 hours of up time. Used “Four polymer battery cells are distributed throughout the device in order to maximize the battery capacity in this ultra-thin design” says HP.

However, the slimness will instantly catch your recognition, you will notice the modern retake on the HP logo as well. Went with the same brownish “Ash Silver” shade that it experiemented with on some high-end, special-edition machines.A piston-stype hinge inspired by upscale cabinetry allows the 13.3-inch Gorlla Glass screen to almost float above the keyboard. The Spectre packs a 13.3-inch FHD IPS display protected, but it’s not touch-enabled as is the trend with most Windows 10 laptops these days.

Consumers will have the option of choosing a model complete with Intel sixth-generation Core i5 or Core i7 processors that addictively not be from the lower-power Core M family, and instead be from the mainstream family resulting in some amazing performance. That said, it offers brighter colors than some other non-touch panels, thanks in part to an optical-bonding manufacturing process that enables the display to be very thin. Storage purposes are met by a 512GB SSD drive, which is paired with 8GB of RAM.

Look at Spectre,also packs premium audio performance thanks to stereo speakers by Bang & Olufsen that comes complete with HP Audio Boost technology, Customers can also expect to find three USB Type-C connectors on the hardware, two of whoch ports will support Thunderbolt for a faster and more versatile I/O connection. Operating system of choice here? Windows 10 obviously!

Other specifications on super skinny laptops are, the keys are fairly above, but they’re springier than we would have expected. Despite the Spectre skinny build, the HP notebook is rated for a healthy nine and a hlf hours of runtime. Consumers looking for a new laptop of this oft-mentioned nature reall don’t have long to wait.

HP will be making the 13.3-inch Spectre available for pre-order via and on April 25, with the budget starting from as you imagine. The HP Sctre in the U.S. goes at a price for $1,169.99. It will be available in Best Buy stores the following month, on May 22nd, with configurations there starting at $1,250. As for international prices and availability, there is no word about it for now.


HP will also be making a handful of special-edition models fashioned out to rejoice materials like 18-karat gold and Swarovski crystal, and in this real world, you shouldn’t expect to see these anywhere other than in the press images.

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