You Can Now Use A Jailbroken iPhone To Jailbreak Nintendo Switch The Right Way [Video]

Jailbreaking is something that several individual iOS device owners rely on, and sometimes we come across to that just makes our jaws hit the floor. And today is one of those conditions after we caught a glimpse of NXBoot, a new utility that makes it possible to run payloads on a modified Nintendo Switch.

What actually makes this all the more delight is the fact that it requires a jailbroken iOS device (using Electra or otherwise) in order to work (liberate Nintendo Switch).

NXBoot iOS Tweak App Can Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Using jailbroken iPhone

Available to download via GitHub forums right now, NXBoot uses a jailbroken iOS device in order to run the code that then goes off and jailbreaks its way into the Switch. This particular thing accomplished by a USB cable that connects the two devices together and may have the potential to open the door to all manner of super-cool projects in the future.

However, the utility’s release notes were made public via social media and have caused quite a stir:

This is the first public release of NXBoot, a utility to run payloads on your Nintendo Switch.

Homepage and download info:

I strongly recommend you to get familiar with the Nintendo Switch homebrew community prior to using this application to start anything on your Nintendo Switch.


Attribution and prior work: Fusée Gelée by ktemkin and ShofEL2 by the failoverfl0w team served as reference for payload construction. JustBrandonT from GBAtemp worked on a similar app independently of this project.

Unfortunately, the included video of the process is very short, but it does show the magic happening and that’s all I need in order to be get excited for now.

I am personally a huge fan of the Nintendo Switch, just as everyone else is, and here it is, which is something that many want to see where this kind of work takes us in the future. Enjoy!

(Source: Reddit)

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