Official Apple Watch Dock Now Available To Purchase For $79

Leaked photos suggested Apple is about to launch official Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch and finally the Mac maker has made it available for $79.  Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Dock is very useful for smartwatch users which enables wearers to charge the Watch in two orientations, and what we got here are the details.

Start with the introduction of Apple Watch dedicated accessory that should make charging the intelligent timepiece not only a lot easier, but a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The Apple watch Magnetic Charging Dock is however made available as an official product – to purchase directly from Apple.

When we are writing about it, the accessory does not appear to be on the Apple Online Store or stocked at Apple Retail Stores in the United States yet. About waht to expect, the official Apple designed and developed product falls under the seamless and beautiful category, where it suggests that owners are able to charge the Apple Watch in a flat position with the band open, or else with it lying on its side.

Interesting capabilities put Apple Watch automatically into Nightstand mode when connected to the magnetic docking charger. This is to allow it to be used as an alarm clock while also receiving a charge. The accessory also comes with a 2M lightning cable that attaches to the base of the dock to provide charge to the magnetic adapter at its center.

Using the official website blurb Apple is also keen to let potential consumers know that the cylindrical hardware uses the same inductive charging connector that is supplied with a purchase of the Apple Watch, fully compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm Watch models. Will receive a flat white disc styled product for $80. New Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock connects via a Lightning cable to a power outlet. As oft-mentioned, there’s a 2m Lightning to USB cable provided in the package.

The release of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock outlines the company’s commitment to supporting and developing accompanying products that exist to complement its fantastic and highly-personal timepiece. Apple has also specified that those purchasing the device today can expect shipping to start on November 20, Friday.

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