Official Plex App On New Apple TV Offers Local Streaming, Playlists, TV Channels, More [Download]

Plex, the popular media playback and streaming app on Apple TV 4 is now available to download from the official Apple TV App Store. Home theater features equipped on certain TV app, from where you can watch and share yoyr experiences.

The Plex app, has been specifically designed to closely mimic the way the standard tvOS views show video content. The Apple TV Plex brings some top-notch features to the TV platform, including resistent play states so the app can pick up where you left off on another device as well as streaming of content from the likes of YouTube and the most hyped Revsion 3 network.

Plex app organizes your video, music, and photo collections and streams them to all of your Apple TV screens

It’s free download. Plex is a media service for videos, TV shows, music and photos, fully featured with quick access to search, playlists and many more from the top bar on Apple TV. Plex app also tracks your current playing items so that you can immediately pick up with a show or film from where you left off. The app incorporates channel streaming of content like TED, Revision3 and more as well as video queues from YouTube and Vimeo.

This new release of Plex for the Apple TV is the biggest reason to own Apple’s new set top box. For those with all of their media saved on a NAS or a machine acting as Plex server, the before mentioned roll out is playing the best part.

Official Plex App For Apple TV 4 Now Available To Download

Plex organizes all of your video, music, TV and photo collections, and streams them to all of your screens. With the free Plex Media Server on your home computer and Plex for Apple TV, you can watch and listen to all of your personal media on your Apple TV and share it with friends and family.

The app will work only if you have a Plex Media Server setup either locally or on a remote network. You need to buy a Plex Pass subscription to access some premium features. If you want to enable streaming, then you will need to get the $5 in-app purchase. Keep that in mind before you download an app that many will buy an Apple TV for on its own, even without all the other cool things the new Apple TV is capable of.

Previously Plex was only available on older Apple TV 3 jailbreak devices – done via hacks, this official Plex app appears to bring with it most if not all of the features fans of the platform are likely to wish. But these are demanding users, so you never really can tell.

Officially arrived on Apple TV 4. The app features a nice 3D animation as focus changes from item to item. The detail view for media has been made to replicate the system view almost 1:1 so everything feels very native.


Download Plex from the App Store now, but don’t forget that in-app purchase.

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