OneCast Claims To Bring Xbox One Game Streaming To Mac Play

OneCast, a new app alternative to allow users stream Xbox One games on Mac for playing for the first time natively, a feature that Microsoft only officially supports for Windows users.

However, it is able to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC and leaving Mac owners out in the cold, but still, there’s a way and now a new app called OneCast claims to be able to bring the same feature to Mac.

Microsoft first introduced the feature back in 2015 at its Windows 10 event announcing support using Windows 10 machines as a second screen for Xbox One over the same Home network. Mac users were been out of luck until today, were been attempting to use the feature with workarounds, including using virtual machine software like Parallels for Mac to run the similar feature via Windows.

OneCast is here, claiming to provide crisp 1080p streaming for games via a native Mac app with extremely low leg and without the performance issues workarounds bring along. Perfect for those who want to be able to play games on a computer while someone else makes use of the big-screen TV in the living room.

Now that, this solution does away with the problems inherent to workarounds used in the past, such as installing Windows 10 in a virtual machine via Parallels for Mac. Once installed, OneCast supports both full-screen and windowed models, this allows the use of the standard Xbox One wireless controller via either a cable connection or, most importantly, Bluetooth. There is also support for multiple Xbox Live accounts and even Xbox One consoles, too.

It also has multi-account support to let you add an unlimited number of Xbox One consoles or Xbox Live Gamertags. Right now anyone wanting to get their hands on OneCast can do so for $9.99, although the regular price is $20.

Update x1: There’s also a 14-day free trial on offer, so gamers can try OneCast out for themselves ahead of making a purchase.

Simply head over to to get started!

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